Keep it Clean...and Green...

As you know, we at Box Intimate Wipes are all about keeping it clean while keeping it green.  Our ingredients are 100% all natural and our wipes are biodegradable (and flushable, too!).  We are also working on re-tooling our packaging to be more eco-friendly, so stay tuned for that!  Until then, we wanted to share some of our other favorite cleaning products in pretty packages.  Oh, and just in case there was any confusion, these are for the home, not for the uh, you know.  ok, just making sure...


Box Intimates


J.R. Watkins and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. Not just any scent  - Honeysuckle is the best.

Honest Company Dryer Sheets (do you know what icky chemicals are in the other kind of dryer sheets?  You don't want to know), and Common Good Laundry Detergent in Lavender. 

 Common Good Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner (it's amazing!), Common Good All Purpose Spray (Love the refillable glass bottle).