Hi, I’m Irene, the founder of BOX Naturals – the indie towelettes of the green beauty world. I created BOX Naturals after the birth of my first child. All you moms out there know wipes are very important after this life changing milestone. Using the same baby wipes as my new mini-human/sleep deprivation machine drove me crazy. It was also shocking that so many wipes were actually filled with bad-for-you chemicals. I created a gentle, natural alternative, packaged in a way that made me feel pampered every time I used one.

After listening to our customers tell us they used BOX Naturals in many different ways (removing makeup, cleaning hands, in place of a quick shower, wiping yoga mats and more), we updated the packaging and tweaked the formula to be a touch lighter overall. We’re still called BOX Naturals because… why not? We celebrate all things feminine. Each towelette comes with a cheeky perspective!

Our towelettes are lightly scented with organic essentials oils that also have beneficial properties. For example, many customers have told us the lavender towelettes are helpful with soothing pre-existing irritation. Both rose and lavender essentials oils are known to benefit your skin and mood.

Our scents are not designed to leave a lasting impression.  The last thing BOX Naturals are meant to convey is that a woman's natural scent isn't ok. That’s not what we’re about – we’re a company of feminists who want to celebrate our collective strength and beauty.  

We hope you love BOX Naturals,  a gentle, natural alternative for hands, faces, and special places.  


Every ingredient in our towelettes serves a specific purpose – there's nothing that isn't absolutely necessary. And BOX products are entirely free of parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. We only use the best, because that's what you deserve. For more see our ingredients and FAQs page.


BOX Naturals is owned by women, made by women and stands by women. A portion of our profits benefits women’s issues all over the world. If there is a female focused charity you'd like us to know about, get in touch.