How are BOX Naturals meant to be used? 
You can use our towelettes:
• On your hands, on your face, on a sensitive place
 (It’s perfectly ok, they’re pH balanced)
• For an all over freshen up after the beach, gym or yoga
• To remove makeup
• Before a doctor’s appointment or a bikini wax
• While on planes, trains and hot air balloons
• To prepare for a romantic rendezvous
• Anytime, anywhere!

Why are BOX Naturals scented?  
We use essential oils, not perfumes or fragrances, partially because there are holistic benefits associated with essential oil use. Another reason we use essential oils is because being completely unscented and natural is difficult. We would need to use man-made chemicals to be scent-free, but those chemicals could cause negative side effects. We'd definitely love to put an amazing, natural, scent-free option out there. It's something we'll continue to work on.

Tell me about your logo!  
Our logo represents all that is feminine. Look carefully at the "O" and you'll see the silhouette of women interlaced among the flowers. All women are beautiful and we wanted our packaging to reflect that. 

What message is BOX Naturals sending to women?  
As a company founded and run by women; a company that exists solely to service women, the LAST thing we wanted to convey was that women are somehow lacking and need to use wipes. We simply wanted to offer something we looked for and weren't able to find ourselves – a natural, convenient, beautiful alternative to the towelettes and wipes that were out there.  

Any other questions? Ask away! Email us at hello@boxnaturals.com any time.