Get Smooth: A Waxing Expert Tells All

At BOX Naturals, our clients are the best and the brightest of the waxing and sugaring world.  So, we thought we'd tap into our network and ask the questions you always wondered about.

First up:  Nickie Janes, owner of Smooth, an *amazing* and very popular skin and waxing boutique in Norfolk, Virginia.  We fell in love with her vivacious personality and infectious energy - read on, and you'll see why.

Q: A lot of women are nervous about their first visit to get a wax. What advice do you have for them, and how should they prepare for their visit? 

A: It's completely normal to be nervous or embarrassed when getting your first Brazilian wax. Exposing your half naked self to a complete stranger that may inflict pain on you isn't anyone's idea of fun! There are plenty of things you can do to ease your nerves and discomfort. First, remember that your esthetician has probably seen more bushes, bumps, lumps, scars, and stretch marks than you could ever imagine. Yours aren't anything to be ashamed of and your waxer won't even notice them, so put that out of your head! It's a good idea to take 2 ibuprofen 30 minutes before your service to help with the discomfort and lessen any irritation.  There are creams on the market that can help ease the pain as well, but they won't completely numb the area. These are normally applied about 30 minutes prior to your wax. 

Avoid drinking caffeine and waxing the week before your period. These will make your skin much more sensitive! It's best to stop shaving at least two weeks prior to your appointment. If the hair is too short it may not be able to be removed. If it's been a while since you've shaved, it's ok to do a tiny bit of trimming, but don't go crazy with it! 

Q: What should they look for in a waxer?

A:  Finding the right person for the job is probably the most important step in ensuring a good waxing experience. Do your research! When looking online, choose an establishment that specializes in waxing. If you look at a website that lists hair, nails, massage, and then somewhere at the very end in tiny print lists waxing, that's probably a sign that it's not their specialty. Chances are someone inexperienced will be doing the job. It's also a good idea to call and ask what type of wax is used. Hard wax is preferred for the Brazilian wax because it doesn't adhere to the skin, which is more comfortable and leaves less irritation. Some waxers may use a combination of both hard and soft wax, which is also good, but stay away from someone that only uses soft or strip wax for the entire Brazilian. This type of wax has a tendency to stick to the skin more, leaving more of a chance of unnecessary yanking of your pliable lady parts! Another REALLY important question to ask is "How many sticks do you use during one Brazilian?". This is sort of a trick question, because a good esthetician may not know exactly how many she uses but the answer should be "a lot!" If the waxer answers  "huh?" or "one or two" then RUN! This means hygiene is not of importance to them and they've been double dipping the wax sticks. This causes cross contamination and is just plain dirty! You wouldn't double dip your chip at a party, so why would you do it in your wax? Nasty!

Q: What's the most popular style for summer, vs. winter?

A: At Smooth, our most popular service by far is the full Brazilian wax. That's every stitch of hair removed from the front to back. Most clients wax year round because they feel cleaner and more comfortable with the hair removed, especially around that time of the month. It's not just for summer, ladies... no need to become Sasquatch in the cold months! 

Q: What's the most interesting style request you've ever gotten?

A: In previous years I'd been asked to create shapes and colors in the hair. Lightning bolts, pink hearts, Christmas trees, even boyfriend's initials. Now, since going completely bare is the trend, most clients just say "take it ALL off!"

Q: What are your thoughts on vajazzling, vajacials and similar services?

A: Oh, Vajazzling...this trend started and died years ago and I was surprised when it returned. I'm a big believer in doing whatever makes you happy and if putting a little bling on your thing makes you happy, go for it! Personally, I'd be more worried about losing a crystal down the toilet...or someplace worse. Plus, if my man turned it down because there wasn't sparkle on it, I'm afraid I'd have to find a new man that was ok with twinkle free lady parts. As far as the Vajacial, I'm a believer! We get tons of clients that have come to us for waxing because the irritation and ingrown hairs from shaving have literally left their mark in the form of scars. This leaves the client embarrassed and self conscious. Vajacials can be a good way to even out the skin tone and prevent ingrown hairs. One of our top selling products is an at home ingrown hair solution called Get The Bump Outta Here! It works like a charm on preventing and getting rid of those ingrowns that can cause scarring. 

Q: How often do you recommend a wax? And what about upkeep in between? (Is shaving in between waxes off limits?)

A: Waxing is a process that, if done correctly, will result in smoother skin, finer hair, slower regrowth and fewer ingrown hairs. The magic tricks : Toss the razor for good & wax every 3 to 4 weeks to start. By your third waxing session, you should notice a great improvement in the texture of your hair and skin. Hair will come in slower and finer. Then you should be able to wax every 4 to 6 weeks. Just make sure to never go past 6 weeks or shave because this disrupts the process. 

Q: If there was one thing you wish you customers could know, or would do before an appointment, what would it be?

A: By the end of your appointment you will say "Hey, that wasn't so bad!" You will feel empowered, sexy and smooth. You will be bad ass. One other thing...everyone has butt hair. 

Q: What's the motto of your salon?

A: Our motto: Break up with your razor. You won't miss it. We promise. We also promise to give you the cleanest, most comfortable wax you will ever have! 

Q: And can you tell us a little about yourself and your salon?

A: I'm Nickie Janes, a licensed esthetician and the owner of Smooth, located in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Started as a tiny one room shop in 2011, Smooth now services thousands of clients each year, has won numerous awards and created their very own hard wax specifically for Brazilian waxing. 

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