How to have a Healthy Hoo-Ha

Ok - racy post today to scandalize your Friday :).  Ready?  We're gonna talk about yer ladyparts.

We all know that it's a complicated system down there, moreso than NASA's Command Center, figuring out how to open blister packs without taking off a finger, and folding fitted sheets.  But did you also know that there are foods you could be eating to keep it in tip top shape? Here's what you need to know:

Yogurt:  Just like yogurt is good for your gut, it's also good for ladytown.  Good bacteria found in yogurt (and kombucha, and kimchi, and other fermented foods) can help prevent infections.

Cranberry Juice:  Unfortunately, we're talking about cranberry juice in its pure form; the kind that makes your face look like you just swallowed dill pickle flavored sour patch kids. Sadly, that cranberry and vodka doesn't count.   This classic UTI remedy, cranberry juice helps acidify your pee to help keep things in balance (i guess in this case, acidifying something is GOOD?).   Reason why cranberry cocktail won't do the trick is because of it's high sugar content.  We all know sugar isn't good for you, but to add to the list, sugar actually FEEDS the organisms that can cause infections and other highly uncomfortable situations. 

This Juice: Juicing company Jugofresh introduced a drink called Happy V into its line up.  For once, we're too bashful to go into all the details, but bottom line is that fruits can help freshen everything up.  

Garlic: Probably the OPPOSITE tasting of Happy V, garlic can actually achieve the same results while also preventing infections. 

So there you have it.  More info about your vagina (there, we said it!) than you ever wanted to know.  Or maybe, you always wanted to know, but never wanted to ask!!