Get Fit - Sweating is Good For You

Leave it to shopping to inspire a lifestyle change.  I just discovered these running pants by Lorna Jane, an Aussie brand new to the States, and lo and behold, they made me feel like I could try out for American Ninja Warrior and win.  They hold everything in, gave my legs definition, and are incredibly comfortable.  They made me want  Run?  The last time I ran was when I tripped in my flatforms and had to break into a slow jog to cover it up.  

It was time to get back into running.  But how?  Here are some tips:

1) Start Slow: If the most running you've ever done is chasing Mr. Frosty wtih a dollar bill in your hand, now's not the time to sign up for your first 10k.    We like this schedule from Fit Sugar - interval training breaks up the monotony of running for 30 minutes straight and burns more calories. 

2) Accessorize:  Ok, so maybe not essential to running, but doesn't hurt to look cute.  The FlipBelt is a streamlined and good looking way to keep your key, cards, phone, etc in one place.

3) Music:  Some people like to run without music.  I am not some people.  Running without music is like going one day without checking Instagram.  Really hard to do.   Sign up for Run Hundred, a free service that sends you monthly top ten songs submitted and voted by 40,000 people.

4) Running Apps:  Yup, there's an app for that.  We used Couch to 5K to turn us from potatoes to broccoli. get the picture.

5) Let the Benefits Motivate: According to this article, every system in our bodies benefits from running, including your brain. Not only does it release endorphins, when your body falls into a rhythm, all the excess noise in life fall away.  

Are you up for the challenge?