Box Intimate Wipes Now Available at WAX


Ever say to yourself “Sweetie, that (fill in the blank) really stinks. I could do it better myself.” But how many times do you actually follow through? Probably never, unless you’re Myka (‘my-kuh’) Barbato. See, Myka had it up to here with waxing salons that were either too cheap or too pricey. Call her Goldilocks of the Waxing World, but she took matters into her own hands and founded WAX, a salon that is juuuuuust right.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, WAX is a spotless, beautiful, sparkling full service waxing salon for Men and Women with prices that won’t break the bank. What we love about WAX is that it gets every single detail right, including witty blog updates & waxing tips by adorable mascot P. Willow, an impressive team of established beauty experts, and … vajazzling. You heard right. Looks like Goldilocks is all grown up.

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The Box Intimate Team,
Cheeky Name. Beautiful Box.


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Introducing P. Willow:  WAX’s Sassy Feline.