If you’re anything like us, waxing, pedicures, and sit ups take a back seat during the winter months.  Oh, we’ll start paying attention around April, but until then, what do you think big sweaters and closed toes shoes were invented for?

But darn it, we live in San Diego, home of the most glorious rainbow ever ( name that movie: a free Box of 10 to the first 5 people who respond with the correct answer).  And this year, it looks like winter took a wrong turn off the 405 and straight up missed America’s Finest City.

Thank goodness for The Undercarriage, where we go to maintain our bikini lines, so that San Diego’s best can maintain our tan lines.  The latest waxing salon to carry Box Intimate Wipes, The Undercarriage is run by the amazing Kristen Prunty, who despite being a new mother, manages TO DO IT ALL.  Effortlessly, beautifully, and wearing an adorable leopard print apron, to boot.

The Undercarriage is tastefully appointed and cozy;  the perfect mix of naughty boudoir & living room.  Oh, and since we love double entendres (Hello?  Box, anyone?),  their logo puts the salon over the top.  Two locations – one in Bankers Hill (1837 5th Ave), and a new location in North Park (3385 30th St).  Check out their menu of services here.

You stay classy, San Diego (hint!).


The Box Intimate Team,
Cheeky Name.  Beautiful Box.

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