Sugaring vs. Waxing...The debate continues!

We had the chance to talk to Felecia Rincon, owner of Bare Sugaring Studio, to explain to us the difference between sugaring and waxing.  Who knew?  There is a HUGE difference! Read on to learn more...

Many people don't know that there is a huge difference between sugaring and waxing.  Can you tell us a little about sugaring?
Sugaring is the oldest form of hair removal said to date back to the times of Cleopatra. We actually use a sugar paste composed of sugar, lemon and water. It's cleaner, more effective and since we remove it with the direction of hair growth, there is less trauma to the skin.

A lot of women are nervous about getting their hair removed in sensitive places. What advice do you have for them, and how should they prepare for their visit? 
I would tell them to consult with their esthetician prior to their appointment. Being nervous for your hair removal appointment is natural especially if you are receiving a service you haven't done before, like a first time bikini wax. The most common advice I give to first time clients is to breathe! 

 What should they look for in a sugaring salon?
Look for a practitioner who is well versed in their modality, or area of practice. Someone who has been practicing their craft for a while. Make sure the person providing your service is licensed. Word of mouth, reviews are all great to look up while researching your Esthetician. 

What's the most popular style for summer, vs. winter? 
Styles are really individual to the person, not so much a seasonal style. With the bikini there are really only variations of three basic styles. Bikini, (basic  what extends beyond a pair of bikini panties) Skinny bikini ( which is what it sounds like) and Brazilian ( everything removed with the exception of sometimes a strip or triangle left on the pubic mound).  Once a client is sugared, they get used to it. It feels cleaner, lighter. Sugaring clients are regular year round.  

How often do you recommend getting sugared? And what about upkeep in between? (Is shaving in between sugaring off limits?)
It depends on the clients desired outcome. If someone wants to impact the way their hair grows back, I recommend pre-booking their next appointment for 3-4 weeks after their first appointment. Your regrowth is at its first stage 3-4 weeks after removal. When you keep removing it at this stage, it interrupts the growth cycle, resulting in finer, sparser regrowth. I've seen amazing results where the hair just doesn't grow back the same. 

Also, proper home care is crucial, to maintain good removal. Your skin is constantly renewing itself. Proper exfoliation and hydrating maintain the integrity of your skin making it easier for your new growth to come out. 

Will sugaring work with even very thick or coarse hair? 
Sugaring works with all hair types. Generally people with very thick or coarse hair see great results where their hair grows back sparser early on. They're usually the people who get hooked on sugaring! 

 If there was one thing you wish you customers could know, or would do before an appointment, what would it be?
I do a full phone consultation before we schedule an appointment so there are little to no surprises before the appointment. You should absolutely feel comfortable with the person providing our service. 

 What's the motto of your salon?
I own and operate a sugaring only studio.  Because sugaring is such a natural form of hair removal, I believe it's just as important to be selective about the skincare you apply immediately after.  Your skin, your first protective barrier, is compromised after hair removal so I'm very selective about what I use prior to treatment on my clients.

My motto is Clean . Conscientious. Cultivated. Not a single compromise, it's your skin.


Thank you Felecia.  Wise words to live by!  Bare Sugaring Studio is based in beautiful Benecia, CA in Solano County.  If you are ever in this lovely town, stop by to say hello to Felecia!