Simple & Eco

We recently connected with Aly Sanger, owner and founder of Simple & Eco.  Simple & Eco is an online shop that specializes in all natural and organic eco-friendly products for home, body, and baby care.  We love that BOX Naturals and Aly share the same philosophy, that is, if we don’t feel comfortable putting it on or near our bodies, we won't sell it!!! 

We also love Aly's strong sense of civic duty and participates in organizations that offer discounted or free cloth diapers and cloth pads to families that are unable to afford them.

Want to love her more?  We asked her, "What do you wish for the world?"  And she said, 

Happiness and Good Health, both for Earth and for those living on Earth. If we don’t start making a change soon, we’re not just sacrificing our health, we’re sacrificing the health of the planet!

Kinda hard to argue with that.

You can find 100% biodegradable BOX products on Simple & Eco.  We are proud to be part of her hand picked family.