Pour Some Sugar On Me

It's Springtime.  Which means that summer is just around the corner. Bikinis, flip flops, and…hair removal (insert Psycho scream here).  

If you've let yourself go since LAST summer (don’t look at me! Ok, fine.  Look at me), the first time does NOT have to be painful.    I had the chance to speak to Kristin Fennema,  owner of SugarCoated Skincare (and an Alexandria certified educator on Sugaring) about the sweet virtues of sugaring.  Read this quick, but informative interview! xo, Box Intimates

Lemon, Sugar, and Water?  (+ vodka + cocktail umbrella?) Get ready for summer.

Lemon, Sugar, and Water?  (+ vodka + cocktail umbrella?) Get ready for summer.

What is sugaring? Sugaring is a natural, gentle, sanitary and non wax alternative to Waxing. It is based on an Ancient Egypt technique.

What are the benefits of sugaring?  Sugaring is better than waxing and other hair removal techniques, because it does not traumatize the skin.  As a skin care professional, it is my duty to care for your skin, not to hurt it and do it damage!  The Sugar paste consists of Sugar, Lemon and Water - no wax and no resin.  It removes dead skin cells, not live ones.  It is also 100% sanitary (no double dipping), removes short hairs (you don't have to wait as long in between appointments), is water soluble and easy to clean-up.  Lastly, it removes hair in the direction of growth, not against it which means less pain!

Can sugaring be used for all areas of the body? Yes, all areas from brows to Brazilians to toes!...with the exception of the inner ear and inner nose (Ouch!)

Any suggestions on what we should do with our hair during the “in between” appointment stage? Well, because Sugaring can remove short hairs, the "in between" stage is reduced.  On average, appointments are every 3-4 weeks. If one MUST shave, the good news is that 5 days of growth is typically long enough for Sugaring hair removal.

If sugar does not adhere to the skin, is it as effective as getting the roots of the hairs out?  Absolutely, that's the beauty of Sugaring!  It seeps in below the mouth of the hair follicle and grabs the hair from a deeper level than just the surface of the skin. This allows for less breakage of the hair and therefore less in-growns.

Any other tips to keep our bodies looking beautiful? Especially with summer around the corner? Aside from a regular Sugaring program, I recommend exfoliating gloves several times a week and moisturizing with a Shea Butter based lotion.  For an extra boost, bathing in Dead Sea Salts are wonderful for detox as well as for skin softening and moisturizing.

Who knew?! SugarCoated Skincare is based in beachy Encinitas, CA.   Don't live near San Diego?  Don't despair - ask us for our favorite sugaring recs in your city!