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Some very exciting news - Box Intimate Wipes are now "Veritey-Approved!"  What exactly does that mean? is a website that "gets to the root of healthy living."  Founded by Amy Ziff (co-founder of Jetsetter, and creative director for (amongst other things, read about her crazy impressive background here)), think of Veritey as one of those "Healthy Living for Dummies" books.  I have to admit, my pride had always prevented me from buying "XYZ for Dummies" books, but I'll make an exception in this case.  (But seriously, someone should think about re-naming those Dummy books, or at least not making them NEON yellow...make them in, like, camo or something...ooh, a million dollar idea!).

The truth is, you can be the smartest person in the world, and still be fooled by what's being sold to you.  Since the "all natural" label is not regulated by the government, we need sites like to do the legwork for us.  Veritey puts all of their carefully curated products through a rigorous culling process to make sure that what they claim is the truth.  

Box Intimates is thankful that our efforts to be all natural and really mean it are being recognized.  Thank you Veritey! 


Q & A with Veritey (hey, that rhymes!):


hey look!  we're veritey approved!

hey look!  we're veritey approved!

  1. What is currently your healthy product obsession? Everything!  But mostly whatever I need to buy next. I can't just buy something anymore. I have to vet it first.  It makes buying that much more fun. For example I just bought a pair of Planet Flops and they are cute and comfy flips made from the softest all-natural rubber designed by a Podiatrist. I'm wearing them right now -- I love them! 
  2. What are the parameters that a product must pass before getting on the pages of Veritey? There's not just one thing a company has to do. We look at everything they're doing. We start by  screening their ingredients and running each one through our database. We scrutinize every single ingredient. If a company passes that (most don't!) we go on to learn more about the company, what they are doing, what's their mission (if they have one), what's their supply process and more. If they pass all of that we will actually USE test them.  That's where we get to try them out and make sure the product does what it says.  It better or it doesn't belong on Veritey. We only feature 100% good goods. That's part of the magic of our curation.
  3. What product, through your research, did you discover was the most surprisingly unhealthy despite it's healthful claims? Sadly, the list is very long. Given that there are no standards to call your product "natural" or "eco" these terms are abused all the time and so-called greenwashing is rampant.  Instead, I prefer to focus on companies that are making a difference by truly living up to their labels. Many of them are small companies (for now anyway!) like Box Intimates, Medecine Mama, Odacite, GoRaw, and Babo Botanicals. (There are so many more and you're all pioneers and deserve praise for being un-relentless in your quest to use safe, non-toxic ingredients and refuse anything less.)
  4. What is your dream outcome for Veritey? My dream for Veritey is that we put ourselves out of business one day.  When we are no longer needed all products will be made with heart containing zero toxic or  unsafe ingredients (for the planet or people).  We have our work cut out for us!
  5. Given that you're experience is so grounded in the internet, what websites do you surf when you're not working? I'm a working Mom to 3 little kids -- is there ever a moment when I'm not working? But, I do like to know what's happening in the world and keep up with my friends. Circa is a nifty way to sort and follow trending news stories. And flipboard makes social reading gorgeous and easy too.
  6. What is the best website to research (other than veritey!) what is good for our bodies and our families? Veritey doesn't yet do food well.  So often when I'm shopping  I use EWG's clean 13 app and The Pesticide Action Network's app as well to stay on top of pesticide information.  I also try and reduce my use of plastic and follow the Plastic Coalition for information and ideas. Lastly, I follow the Non-GMO project and am a staunch believer that we must avoid Genetically Engineered foods until more research has been conducted. There really is no other website that looks at safety and efficacy -- that's why we're here. To make your healthy life simple, or what we call think-proof!

So there you have it.  Check in with Veritey today (I'm a lean, GREEN, rhymin' machine...).


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