It Just Makes Scents

flower perfume.jpg

just what does it mean to be "fragrance-free"?  at box intimate wipes, we think it is SUPER important to keep our wipes free of any synthetic fragrance.  we know, synthetic fragrances can make you feel luxurious and pretty (two things we are huge supporters of), but we just can't get behind putting something on your most delicate areas that may be comprised of more than 200 non-disclosed chemicals, all under the word "fragrance" on the ingredient list. 

ok, here's where we get all scienc-y on you:  fragrance impart their scent through volatile compounds.  and when applied to skin, they react causing irritation that you don't always see or feel right away.  that's why we scent our wipes with crushed rose petals, and nothing more.

perfume used to be all natural.  a flower behind the ear, a dab of nectar.  things have changed, and while we don't it's possible to give up our favorite scents, how about we go back to basics when we're talking about down there? 


the box intimates team