Fast Winter Fixes



Oh, Winter.  We've had enough of you.  Please go.  And we mean that in the nicest way.  

We wish it were that easy, but since it's not, here are five ways you can use BOX towelettes to help survive the remaining weeks (months?!) of winter...

1. Winter = dry, cracked lips if you’re not careful. Use a BOX Naturals towelette to remove the remains of your lipstick, then lather on a natural, soothing tinted balm like Tata Harper's Be Adored Lip Treatment.  

2. Wearing a hat is so essential to keeping warm, but it can also lead to static hair! Use a BOX Naturals towelette to smooth down flyways. 

3. Buy a Chestnut Praline Latte (or even Pumpkin Spice) to keep warm.  But if you spill a bit (that's what happens when you can't feel your fingers), you can use a BOX Naturals towelette to wipe away the stain. One of our customers even emailed us to say she tried a towelette to clean up a spill on her silk blouse – it worked like a charm!  Just remember, dab, don't rub (this piece of advice applies to a lot of things - eye cream, cream blush, spilled red wine...)

4. Too many hot showers can really dry out your skin. If you don’t really need a shower (or are just running short on time), try a quick freshen up with a towelette, instead.  A customer who shall remain nameless once said, “Who needs showers when you have BOX Naturals?!?”  We know she was joking, but we love the enthusiasm, and it really works when you're in a pinch!

and...our favorite BOX Naturals towelette winter remedy...

5. Pack it in your carryon when you escape to a tropical beach!

Hang in there - Spring's around the corner!