Girls Night Out!

It’s Friday! How about a girl’s night out? Try a secret bar, or one of these other unique experiences:

San Diego, CA: For those of us looking for a fairy tale night, try this Alice in Wonderland themed secret bar in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter.


Los Angeles, CA:  This gorgeous lounge is where you want to go for craft cocktails and beautiful people viewing.  

New York City, NY: Located in Noho, ACME is a restaurant/cocktail bar, perfect for dinner, drinks, or small plates.  Try the Smoked Fish Tacos - sounds weird, but weird can be delicious!

Chicago, IL: One of the Loop's best summertime rooftops, look out onto the city at the Roof on theWit, in Chicago.

 Opaque, San Francisco: Ok, you’re probably wondering where why this is a blank picture. Well, this is actually what you’ll see if you choose to go to this dining-in-the-dark experience in San Francisco. Blind eating is said enhance the flavors of the food and once we got our over the worst case of giggles ever, we have to say that it's true! 

Opaque, San Francisco

Opaque, San Francisco

Here’s your mission, if you choose to accept it: do something a little crazy this weekend. After all, that’s what weekends are for, right? 

Happy Friday!