A Happy Home

I walked into my favorite bookstore this Saturday and walked out with this book:

a happy home1.JPG

It was so satisfying to spend an hour poring over each page and jotting down ideas rather than frantically jumping from one idea to the next on Pinterest, eyes glazed over and feeling Pinadequate that I will never find time to make a terrarium out of popsicles sticks and  Washi tape).  Wait, did I just make up a word?  Pinadequate?  I kind of love it. 

Happy Home: Every Day Magic for a Colorful Life is by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau, a cookbook turned design writer from Odense, Denmark.  Charlotte’s style is easy, accessibly neat (i.e. not OCD neat like you see in many interior design books), and  instantly implementable. 

I absolutely envy her ability to embrace color so wholeheartedly.  Over the years, I somehow allowed myself to drift over to the taupe, gray, navy side of things.  I’m going to use this book as inspiration to take back my colors!!  With colors this vibrant, it’s impossible not to feel happy.

My favorite ideas are below. Note that she anchors most of her rooms with an abundance of white so as not to look like a Crayola explosion.  

Be Happy! xo, Box Intimates

a happy home2.jpg
a happy home3.jpg
a happy home4.jpg