Meet Erin Dupree of Savera

This week we sit down with Erin Dupree, owner of San Francisco based spa, Savera and asked her five questions.  Here's what we learned:

How did you come up with the name "Savera"?  Savera means "new beginning." When you come to Savera I want each experience to feel like a new beginning from the inside and out.    

Now that it's winter, what do you say to women who let waxing fall by the wayside?  Any words of motivation to keep on waxing on?   A couple things:  when you go back to waxing after taking a break, it's like starting all over again.  However, if you keep up on a regular basis, the hair gets lighter and the pattern of the hair growth gets used to the waxing.  This means less In grown hairs.  And of course, it just feels nice to feel clean all year around.          

You are clearly an awesome entrepreneur.  Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in this business!  Well ,I started 15 years ago.   Back then, I was a ballerina and knew I was retiring soon.  During the off seasons,  I worked at make-up counters so it made sense for me to go to Aesthetician School.  The rest is history.  I was a National Trainer for a company training aesthetician on proper procedures  and just always wanted to open my own business.  My dreams have come true and I honestly could not be happier.  It's true that hard work pays off.                           

What is one think you love about being in San Francisco?  Two words: the people . The people are so amazing in SF.  But to list all the things I love about this city would take up the whole page.                                      

What is one thing you want us to know about Savera?  When you come to Savera, I want you to leave feeling good from the inside and out . I want it to be the positive experience from the moment you walk in until the second you leave.  Let's face it, life can be hard, so while you're at Savera, I want to keep it light and fun.   

Be sure to check out Savera on your next trip to San Francisco and meet Erin!