Melissa Shoes (Will Make You Happy)

I fell madly in love in 2008.  We met at a crowded sample sale in NYC with hundreds of other women eyeing the prize, but I beat them all with my sharp elbows and a valient long jump that would make a young Bruce Jenner proud.

Who was he, you ask?  Nay, not "he...".   They.  And "They" were the Melissa Shoes + Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart Heel you see below. 


Five years later, and many a night out, these shoes still look as good as they day they were born (which is more than I can say about Bruce Jenner, God bless his over plucked eyebrows).  

The original Jelly Shoe, Melissa shoes give new meaning to walkin' on sunshine.  Aren't they so happy?  

The original Jelly Shoe, Melissa shoes give new meaning to walkin' on sunshine.  Aren't they so happy?  

Melissa Shoes were born in 1979 in Brazil.   And tho they look like Barbie shoes, they are incredibly comfortable.  Really.  I promise.  When I first heard that they had a "green" bent to their story, I honestly couldn't get my head around that one...I mean, aren't they PLASTIC?  It turns out, however, that are created with a zero waste philosophy recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste.  Their pretty shoes are also 100% recyclable (although if I EVER catch you throwing your Melissa shoes into the Blue Recycle bin, you and I are OVER!!!)

Melissa shoes collaborates with some of the greatest luminaries in Fashion and Art: Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, KARL LAGERFELD, Zaha Hadid, Jean Paul Gaultier, um, KARL LAGERFELD. 

Their prices have, unfortunately, skyrocketed since I first started buying them in 2008 which officially makes them the best performing investment in my Fashion portfolio.  You can find Melissa shoes on their website or at Saks or ranging from $60 - $200. 

If that seems too steep for you, they recently introduced Mel Shoes, Melissa's diffusion line.  Think of it as Skipper is to Barbie.  I know, I know, no one wanted to be Skipper, but Mel Shoes are super cute and look just like Melissas:

And if MEL SHOES aren't your cup of tea, maybe Mini Melissa's are:  

Confession:  The second these shoes came out, I bought one.  At the time, no boyfriend, no husband, no baby.   #couldn'tresist. What if I had a boy?  I have no issue with cross dressing.

Oh!  I almost forgot the MOST important detail of all!!  Their shoes are injected with the scent of bubble gum and smell EXACTLY like Hello Kitty Erasers;.  If you know what I mean, we're meant to be best friends. 

Thanks for reading!  

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