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Festival Essentials

Whether it's a day trip or several nights camping/sleeping in your car/sleeping ON your car/not sleeping at all, it's important to pack wisely for any music festival.  Here's what we bring: 

A flower crown: It's completely necessary, and you can DIY!

A cross body bag:  You need a hands free purse so you can dance freely and maniacally (don't worry, no one is judging unless your name is Leo) – and the cross body bag solves this great dilemma (only a small exaggeration). We like this one by Free People

Sunnies:  Since so many music festivals are in sunny places, eye protection is as crucial as skin protection.  We love the iconic Clubmaster from Ray Ban - it goes with everything and is very retro-cool. 

Lip Balm: Yes, we beat a dead horse when it comes to sun damage, but it'll pay off in 15 years when your kissers are as smooth and buttery as ever.  Choose a lip balm with SPF.  We are partial to FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15.  Comes in untinted and a whole host of sheer colors. Plus, if you manage to wrangle a kiss from a drummer (or are you more of a lead singer kinda gal?), you'll taste super yummy!

Hair Ties:  Pretty on the wrist as well as in your hair, these thin, glittery hair ties from Etsy are a no brainer....

Healthy Munchies:  Uh, 5 super grains and DARK CHOCOLATE?  Yes, please!  KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk granola bars is the perfect snack for in between sets.  

iPhone Case with Card Holder:  Do you really need that Pinkberry Loyalty Card at Coachella? Leave your wallet in the car or at home, and travel with cash, your ID, and a credit card.  Use this super chic Kate Spade iPhone case to keep it all together.  Just don't lose it, for goodness sake. 

iPhone charger:  You'll have better luck running into a unicorn than an outlet at a music festival so make sure you have a power booster for your phone.  Doesn't hurt that it's as cute as this one from ban.do.  

Dry Shampoo:  Listen, if you want to not shower for 3 days, we're cool with that.  But just in case, please bring some of this Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo.

Hand Sanitizer:  This natural, non alcoholic hand sanitizer from Cleanwell doesn't burn hands, kills germs, and smells like thyme.  That's pretty much all we ask for!

First Aid Kit:  No need to go crazy, just DIY and stuff an Altoid's tin full of Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, Ibuprofen, and some Vitamin B-12 for an energy boost. 

Sunscreen:  Non-greasy, light, and fragrance free, La Roche Posay's line up of sunscreens is seemingly endless.  We like the how this one comes in a little compact with sponge. 

Towelettes!! You didn't really think we'd write this blog and not mention towelettes, did ya?  BOX products can be used to clean your face, your hands and your other places - especially because you KNOW that porta-potty is not going to have any toilet paper left!  And while you're at it, you might want to hand some to that sweaty guy who keeps bumping you - he may not appreciate it, but YOU definitely will! 

Now go forth, you gorgeous people, and dance the night away.