The 5 Best Uses For Essential Oils, Winter Edition

Oh, hello Polar Vortex. It's you again.  

We just peeked into our Farmers Almanac and it's predicting another impossibly cold 2014-2015 Winter season.  Swell.  

Below are 5 super easy things you can do with essential oils that will help you get through winter:

1. Sprinkle some Eucalyptus oil in the shower to stimulate, improve circulation and help clear congestion. 

2.  Add some summer brightness into your life & enhance your mood by diffusing any type of citrus essential oil (lemon, bergamot, grapefruit) into the air. Instant pick me up.

3. Take a hot bath! Lavender is the only essential oil that can be used directly on the skin, without being diluted. Take advantage of it's calming effects by massaging on temples and relax.  Of course, add a few drops to your bath and you be doubly relaxed.  

4. Frankincense is both calming and uplifting if you're feeling tired and stressed by the holidays. Add a few drops to sweet almond oil (or another carrier oil like jojoba) and massage in into your skin (or better yet, get someone else to do it).

5. And when you need to hit the shops during peak cold and flu season? Sprinkle a few drops each of cinnamon, lemon and rosemary onto a cotton handkerchief. Carry it with you when you need a little pick-me-up and added immune boost.

So when Old Man Winter's got you down, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to get through the next few months...Stay warm everyone!