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Holiday Shopping: Home

Every year we say we'll get a jump start on holiday shopping.   And this year's plan was to start in the beginning of November.  Seeing that it's almost MID November already...crikey, we better get started!!! 

Top Row: Cordoba Eco Throw: the coziest, most colorful, eco-friendliest blanket that we ever did see, Firenze Velvet Tassel Pillow: the pillow that goes with everything, Royal Albert Tray: because everyone needs a little English Granny in their lives.

Middle Row: Unicorn Wall Mount: we couldn't resist.  will someone give her a good home? Custom Illustration by I Missy You: for your friend who thinks she's hot, Peach & Gold Dot Dish: super pretty, super tiny dish for rings and such.

Bottom Row:  Wishbone Ring Dish: perfect stocking stuffer, Bunny Ears Cloche:  hop hop hop. Dachshund Pink Bookends.

Best of all, everything is $150 or less.  Happy Home Shopping!

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