embellished sunglasses

Hot From Head to Toe: 4 Trends for Summer

Ok, so we're halfway through summer (say it ain't so!) and time to do a fashion check.  Have you been keeping up with your summer trends?  Here is your summer list, from head to shoulders to knees and toes:

Go Shorty: Sure, it takes a lot of guts to go for the chop, but there's a lot of glory in it, too. 

Need a little peer pressure?  Celebs all around are taking the plunge...so give in to your fantasy of putting your hair in a low pony and then chopping it all off!!!  We're sure you had tons of practice on your Barbies, but you might want professional help for this one.

Weird and Wonderful Sunnies:  The kookier the better.  Now's the time to dress like Elton John and it's ok.   Seriously, if he didn't pave the way for the Embellished Sunglasses trend, we don't know who did!  And for you DIY types - check this out.  

Flatforms = Flats + Platforms:  Dubbed "the most dangerous shoe of summer" (really, people?  Don't you think THIS is a little more dangerous?), flatforms make us want to live on the edge. 

L to R: Topshop.com, Freepeople.com, Netaporter.com

Stay Cool with Culottes:  Are they shorts?  Are they pants?  Are they kind of a weird length?  Yes, Yes, and Yes. The culottes are making a comeback.  Whatever they are, we love them. 



So there you have it, folks.  You still have half of summer to rock these looks!