Cruelty-Free Beauty

Here's what this bunny thinks of animal testing on cosmetics and beauty products. 

Here's what this bunny thinks of animal testing on cosmetics and beauty products. 

We have a bunny mascot here at BOX Naturals. His name is Hank. And we're very proud to say that the only testing we do on Hank is taste-testing. So far, his favorite seems to be cilantro, with kale being a close second. He's always happy to gnaw on a carrot or devour a cherry, but surprisingly he has to be in the right mood for Romaine lettuce. 

We all have a million choices every single day of our lives. If you had the choice to hurt animals, or not to hurt animals, well, the answer is (hopefully!) easy. If we asked you go to cruelty free when it comes to choosing your beauty care,  the answer is probably still easy. What if, however,  we said your favorite shampoo, the one you have been using since you decided to wash the Manic Panic out of your hair (so, we're talking mid 90's unless you're in a Punk band), was tested on animals? Could you give it up? 

It's not an easy choice, and we totally get it. If we want to get real, it probably takes us 10 Pick Ups and Put Downs before we can walk away from our favorite dry hair spray. But when we think about the hundreds of thousands of animals that are hurt because we didn't feel like washing our hair that day...well, then we feel like jerks.  

No one is perfect and it's difficult to live a 100% cruelty free life, but small choices lead to big results, so look for the Leaping Bunny logo on all of your cosmetics and you can be sure that no animals were harmed. With literally THOUSANDS of cruelty free choices, there's almost no excuse! Check out resources such as Peta and Logical Harmony to see if your favorite brands made the cut.

Kloverbox + BOX

What's more fun than getting gifts in the mail?  

What's more fun than getting gifts in the mail?  

October is turning out to be a big month for us. We are very excited to partner with Kloverbox – a subscription box for the woman who is inspired by healthier products.  That's us!  That's YOU!

Kloverbox urges us to "Live Naturally and Organically.  Replace every product you use with a conscious alternative."  We LOVE this motto because that's exactly how we look at attaining a healthier lifestyle.  You might KNOW  that synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, and parabens are bad for you,  but it's hard to go cold turkey.  However, if you replace just one product at a time with an equally effective and natural product, well, suddenly, it's not hard at all.  

Kloverbox is a wonderful way to sample premium, natural, organic and cruelty-free products.  You get six to eight products from the purest and most sustainable brands in their monthly subscription box. 

Thank you, Kloverbox, for helping us all Live Naturally!

Check them out here.