coconut oil

The Perfect Bath

I have never been a bath person.  Sitting in hot water, making a "myself" soup never really appealed to me.  Until I discovered that I've been DOING IT ALL WRONG! 

These are the steps you need to make (and take) The Perfect Bath:

1) Add to it: Essential Oils, Epsom Salts, Coconut Oil.  Ordinary things you can buy that will make your bath anything but.  Both Rose and Lavender  oils are associated with relaxation (use 10 drops), Epson salts (use 2 lbs!!) will detoxify and soothe sore muscles, and Coconut Oil (oh, glob in about half a cup or so) will leave you dewy and soft.  

2) Think Goldilocks: Make sure that the water is not to hot, but not too cold.  Apparently, the ideal temperature is 92 degrees F.  Test the water with your elbow which will give you a truer feeling of what it will feel like totally submerged...

3) Unplug:  We are all overly scheduled so take the time to unschedule (even if your bath is only 10 minutes long...) and scrub your body with a body scrub.  Forcing yourself to do this will help focus your mind on the bath, and not what you're going to do after you've finished.  And leave your skin soft and clean.  

4) Tea Bag It:  We mean, Chamomile Tea Bags. Chilled.  Over your eyes.  Again, this forces relaxation, even if only for ten minutes.

5) Ice water:  Some people swear by dumping ice water over your body to awaken your body and close pores, but I am not "some" people.  The ice water i'm talking about involves taking a nice long swig of it after your bath is done.  Sitting in hot water can dehydrate/make you sweat - weird to think about, but it makes sense!  

So there you have it.  Quick and easy steps you'll need to emerge from your bath, one arm covering your boobs, and the other hand covering your lady bits, like The Birth of Venus, all radiant and serene.  Ok, that last step is optional, but the rest are not!