better than ever

You Spoke, We Listened


The really good thing about being a small business (some might even say 'tiny'), is that we get every single piece of feedback that comes our way. Good or bad, we hear it. And on the extremely rare occasion we hear something negative, it keeps us up at night! Yes, that's a good thing – because it makes us better.

Our goal from Day One of BOX Naturals has been to provide women with a simple, beautiful natural towelette. In the past two years we've had a handful of emails with the same complaints: 
1. Too 'sudsy'
2. Too sticky
3. Too strongly scented

That's too many 'too's' for us, so we set about making BOX Naturals better. The tricky thing was, so many of our customers loved us as we were, so here's what we did – we're using the same premium ingredients, but in different quantities so our towelettes are lighter in feel (down with stickiness!) and lighter in scent. Yes, we have reformulated and it feels so good!

It took a few months to get things just right, but we feel confident enough to say that BOX Naturals are 'New And Improved!' And we sincerely hope you love the changes. If you'd like to try them without committing to an entire box, for a limited time you can purchase a trial pack in the shop for $1.29 (and free shipping).

Oh and there's one more thing. You may have noticed that we're no longer 'Intimate Wipes' – we're now 'Luxe Towelettes.' This is also a result of customer feedback. Women have been writing in to tell us just how handy they find our individually wrapped towelettes. For removing makeup, cleaning hands, instead of a shower after a yoga class, spot-cleaning silk blouses, wiping down yoga mats... it goes on and on! So yes, hands, faces and special places are just the start of where you can use our better than ever BOX Naturals Luxe Towelettes!

And as for that feedback? Please keep it coming! Good or bad, we are grateful for every. single. email.