Easy, Organic Beauty Masks for Summer

The weather this year has been wreaking havoc on our skin!  El Nino, Polar Vortex...we're kind of afraid of what this summer might bring!

Never fear, we came up with some tried and true, all natural,  low ingredient facial masks that will keep your face beautiful and shining...just the way nature intended it to be.

The Mint Soothie (aka Mojito):  In a blender, blend a handful of mint.  Add a pinch of tumeric powder and mix mix mix!  Apply to a clean face and rinse with cold water.  Will soothe irritated and overly sun-kissed skin.  


The Milk Toner:  Dip a cotton ball in organic milk and gently wipe down your face.  Leave on for ten minutes and wash off.  When done weekly, you should notice a natural glow (variation:  soak 1/2 cup of almonds in milk overnight.  Put in blender to create a paste and use as an exfoliant).  

Cucumber Margarita:  Ok, so this doesn't have tequila in it, but it WILL hydrate your skin, which tequila will NOT do!  Peel one cucumber and mash it in a bowl.   Mix 1 TBS of sugar and put in the fridge to cool.  Place on skin and take 10 minutes to relax as the mask naturally hydrates your skin.  Rinse with cold water. 

Sandalwood and Rosewater Masque: The benefits of both sandalwood and rosewater on the skin are incredible.  Use this mixture to soothe skin and to even out patchy tanned skin.   Make a paste from sandalwood powder and rosewater (both widely available online).  On clean skin, apply to face and leave overnight.   Magic!

We hope that these homemade face masks help our readers understand the limitless benefits of the natural world around us.  At BOX Intimates, every formula is as low ingredient as possible, and uses the best that nature has to offer.  

Happy Home Facial-ing!

Our Up in the Air Beauty Routine

One of our team members is constantly traveling. Cross country flights, long haul flights, you name it! Still, every time she's in the office, her skin is glowing (it's absolutely LUMINOUS). After a little prodding, she finally divulged her beauty secret - a top to bottom regimen she learned from renowned make up artist Lisa Eldridge.  

Lisa has an amazing tutorial that's perfect for long flights. Yes, you will get looks from your fellow passengers, but just think about what havoc that recycled cabin air is wreaking on your skin and it will be easier to ignore the sidelong glances and occasional pointed finger/giggles.  

Some of the ridiculous(ly transformative and amazing) things she recommends: 

  1. Slather hydrating cream on your hair
  2. Take off ALL make up
  3. Use a toner with essential oils
  4. Put a mask on (not the scary green kind, a clear one, preferably - see tutorial for all product recommendations)
  5. Hydrate back of hands
  6. Go to sleep with a lavender filled eye mask...snoooooze....

And depending on how long your flight is, repeat. There's one thing we'd add to that – Box Intimates wipes (of course). After sitting for hours and hours, doesn't every part of your body need a little freshening up?

This routine definitely works, but even doing part of it is better than not doing a thing. Try it, and instead of arriving feeling like you need a nap and a shower, you'll be ready to hit the town.