Self Care

The Best NYE Ever: The One Where You Stay Home


You might have noticed a storm of sparkly dresses, fancy mani’s and elegantly messy up-do’s happening over on Pinterest. It can only mean one thing – New Year’s Eve draws close! In the past we’ve shelled out big bucks to attend glamorous parties, schlepped our way through massive crowds of drunk strangers and hosted or attended small parties with friends. This year, all of that feels like a mighty amount of work. So instead of all that, we're staying home. It might just end up being the best NYE ever, and here's why:

Attire. While sequins and sparkles that seem to be a requirement this year just aren’t that comfy, we’re still totally down for a bit of pizzazz (also, pizza) – even if no one else sees it. Enter loungewear. Silky slips, sets and robes designed for the modern day luxurious lady. Of course, we love all of Journelle's loungewear, and don't forget about the fancy shoe options! You can be comfy, glamorous and most importantly, comfy. ;)

Cuisine. Haute Cuisine, Lean Cuisine, takeout, leftovers, a box of popsicles. Whatever you feel like having. To us, the fanciest food of all is hors devours – we can see ourselves picking up some of our favorites at Trader Joe's and fixing a little platter. There will (of course) be a separate dessert platter, along the same vein. Unless you're buying the world's largest truffle to shave over your tater tots, chances are you'll still save money and make healthier choices than you would going out.

Company. When you're standing in the middle of Times Square with thousands of rowdy strangers, you don't get to have much say over the company you keep, or how many times you get elbowed in the chest. Enter the most exclusive place in town: your home on NYE. It can be just you, you and a partner, furry friends, human friends, parents... whatever. As long as you don't feel the urge to put makeup on, and you know you'll make each other laugh.

Libations. If we liked the taste of smoky bourbon, we'd drink it, but the truth is we want champagne cocktails (and we want them now)! The fruitier, the better. These are two we'll definitely be trying on New Year's  – click on the image to see the recipes. (Are you as obsessed with those gorgeous champagne glasses on the left as we are?)

Entertainment. You could have the TV set so the countdown plays in the background. You could turn off all devices. Watch Netflix. Play Candy Crush. Take a long, long bath. Play music. Watch Breaking Bad from the start. 

Self Care. It's all about you. If putting on a face full of make up on makes you happy – by all means do that. We'll refer you to the green beauty blogs we read for more specifics on products. There's the Green Product Junkie, Beauty by Britanie and The Organic Life Blog, to name a few. We'll end up using a combination of products (Beauty Guru Lisa Eldridge approves of layering) to start 2015 off flawless. Tata Harper offers an amazing array of skincare samples for $11. And everything on Eco Diva Beauty is perfection but we do love the honey mud treatment. 

All in all, saving yourself from the pressure of having the perfect NYE is really priceless. Taking care of yourself and putting what you want first is, too. (Do you feel a New Year Resolution brewing here?) No matter how you spend your NYE, we hope you spending it laughing and feeling loved. We wish you all happiness and health in 2015 – the best year yet!