Girls Night Out!

It’s Friday! How about a girl’s night out? Try a secret bar, or one of these other unique experiences:

San Diego, CA: For those of us looking for a fairy tale night, try this Alice in Wonderland themed secret bar in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter.


Los Angeles, CA:  This gorgeous lounge is where you want to go for craft cocktails and beautiful people viewing.  

New York City, NY: Located in Noho, ACME is a restaurant/cocktail bar, perfect for dinner, drinks, or small plates.  Try the Smoked Fish Tacos - sounds weird, but weird can be delicious!

Chicago, IL: One of the Loop's best summertime rooftops, look out onto the city at the Roof on theWit, in Chicago.

 Opaque, San Francisco: Ok, you’re probably wondering where why this is a blank picture. Well, this is actually what you’ll see if you choose to go to this dining-in-the-dark experience in San Francisco. Blind eating is said enhance the flavors of the food and once we got our over the worst case of giggles ever, we have to say that it's true! 

Opaque, San Francisco

Opaque, San Francisco

Here’s your mission, if you choose to accept it: do something a little crazy this weekend. After all, that’s what weekends are for, right? 

Happy Friday!




Head of the Class: The 4 Best Bags for Back to School

Face it, kids.  School's just around the corner.   Your pencils are sharpened, your classes are picked out.  And we KNOW you choose your first day of school outfit weeks ago.  But have you picked out this season's hottest accessory - the backpack?

Here are some bags that will make you want to go to school:

Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Backpack 
Ok, so we have to admit.  This bag is not cheap.  But it's still a far cry from The Row's $39,000 crocodile backpack, and with it's edgy style and vegan - friendly construction, it's hard to say no.  

Stella McCartney, $1295, Barneys New York

Stella McCartney, $1295, Barneys New York

On the other side of the price spectrum are the Heritage Backpacks by Herschel Supply Company.  Shown here in Cobalt Blue, at $54.99 - why not buy two?

Hershel Supply Company -

Our next bag, from online retailer Belle & Sue (based in Israel), is handmade from African Fabrics, roomy enough for your laptop and lots of pockets to keep your school supplies.  To order:  Approximately $160 USD.  To order:  Approximately $160 USD.  

Last, but not least, is Rag and Bone's Herringbone Backpack.  At $395, it ain't free, but with its sturdy cotton and leather construction, this bag should last you K-12, and then all the way through your master's. AND if you've been coveting the Chanel Grafitti Printed Canvas Backpack, this is a good base from which to start your DIY project to get the same(-ish) look. 

Rag and Bone, $395, Barneys New York

Rag and Bone, $395, Barneys New York

Oh, and don't forget to bring your teacher an apple!


Skymall: The 6 Weirdest Things Ever

If you've flown anytime in the past... ever, you know about Skymall – the mall of the skies. We stumbled across an old blog Irene (founder of BOX, what WHAT!) wrote years ago, a blog that was probably written on a Commodore 64.  (If you don’t know what Commodore 64 is, God Bless You. You are in your early 20’s or younger, have no wrinkles and can still pull all-nighters and then function the next day. Must be nice!)

Where were we? Oh, that's right. SKYMALL. You know, that ubiquitous airline magazine filled with non-solutions to problems that never even existed?  What everyone seems to be writing about these days?

We had to share. 


sky mall is an undiscovered gem 

i take a lot of flights. whether it's to my home home in san diego or any one of my client locations, i always do two things as soon as i settle into my seat: (1) i check to see if the arm rest is in its horizontal position and if it's not, i make sure it is. this sends a firm signal to the person sitting next to me that i am in no mood for small talk, and (2) i study the SkyMall magazine.

SkyMall is an underdiscovered gem. i have found many relevant gifts for loved ones from 35,000 feet in the air. 

here's a list of six things - categorized into "cool" and "why?"


if there's EVER a reason to do the Beyonce Bounce in the shower, here it is. a wall mountable back scratcher.&nbsp;

if there's EVER a reason to do the Beyonce Bounce in the shower, here it is. a wall mountable back scratcher. 

i am SO MAD at myself for not thinking of this portable pillow myself. it's so much better than the neck pillow. the only drawback is the slight embarrassment of blowing it up and then feeling awkward about deflating your breath into recycled airplane air after you land.

i am SO MAD at myself for not thinking of this portable pillow myself. it's so much better than the neck pillow. the only drawback is the slight embarrassment of blowing it up and then feeling awkward about deflating your breath into recycled airplane air after you land.

also useful if you're are really short.&nbsp;

also useful if you're are really short. 


there's really nothing i can say about these tailgate chairs. it left me speechless which is really hard to do.

there's really nothing i can say about these tailgate chairs. it left me speechless which is really hard to do.

i can see this conversation piece kicking up a lot of trouble at cocktail parties. one drink too many and a compromising photo of you and the sumo wrestler will be tagged in facebook faster than you can say "yokozuna".

i can see this conversation piece kicking up a lot of trouble at cocktail parties. one drink too many and a compromising photo of you and the sumo wrestler will be tagged in facebook faster than you can say "yokozuna".

this is a FAKE security camera. i've seen similar burglar retardant devices and think they are all dumb. included in this list is the fake dog barking tape and the blowup man.&nbsp;

this is a FAKE security camera. i've seen similar burglar retardant devices and think they are all dumb. included in this list is the fake dog barking tape and the blowup man. 

So many years later and we still dream of having a pickup truck set up with individual hammocks and a hanger for our hanging-out-in-parking-lots needs. Dear Skymall, don't ever change. 

Oh Baby: Little Gifts for Tiny Humans

i may look confused, but i have ninja skills at getting everything i want...

i may look confused, but i have ninja skills at getting everything i want...

It's a well known fact that ANYTHING mini is cuter. Case in point, regular altoids tin: meh. Mini altoids tin: soooo cuuuuuute! 

Can't argue with that logic, right?

So when one of our dear readers asked us to write a blog on baby gifts, we hopped to it. what could be more fun than trolling the internet for itty bitty onsies and itty bitty socks?  you don't need that car seat adapter, register for these cute things instead!!

Don't these baby mocs make you pass out from cuteness? Neon Moccasins by Freshly Picked, Bambutcho Bandana Bib, and Hello Love poster by Society 6.

And finally ...Flat Bonnies!!

We're the Flat Bonnies - cuddle me!

We're the Flat Bonnies - cuddle me!

Things so cute you almost don't need a baby to buy them...Almost :)


Hot From Head to Toe: 4 Trends for Summer

Ok, so we're halfway through summer (say it ain't so!) and time to do a fashion check.  Have you been keeping up with your summer trends?  Here is your summer list, from head to shoulders to knees and toes:

Go Shorty: Sure, it takes a lot of guts to go for the chop, but there's a lot of glory in it, too. 

Need a little peer pressure?  Celebs all around are taking the give in to your fantasy of putting your hair in a low pony and then chopping it all off!!!  We're sure you had tons of practice on your Barbies, but you might want professional help for this one.

Weird and Wonderful Sunnies:  The kookier the better.  Now's the time to dress like Elton John and it's ok.   Seriously, if he didn't pave the way for the Embellished Sunglasses trend, we don't know who did!  And for you DIY types - check this out.  

Flatforms = Flats + Platforms:  Dubbed "the most dangerous shoe of summer" (really, people?  Don't you think THIS is a little more dangerous?), flatforms make us want to live on the edge. 

L to R:,,

Stay Cool with Culottes:  Are they shorts?  Are they pants?  Are they kind of a weird length?  Yes, Yes, and Yes. The culottes are making a comeback.  Whatever they are, we love them.

So there you have it, folks.  You still have half of summer to rock these looks! 


Roadtrippin': The Playlist for Your Summer

We're fresh off of a roadtrip to Savannah, GA, one of the most beautiful places in the US of A.  If you haven't been, GO!  

There's something magical about roadtripping with your best friend, bare feet up on the dashboard, listening to amazing music while heading towards an unknown adventure. To quote Hunter S. Thompson "On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music verge loud on the radio..."

Quite possibly the most crucial aspect of your roadtrip is your adventure's soundtrack.  It's either got to have a beat that makes you want to drive faster and forever, or lend an air of nostalgia that makes you moony and wistful. Most importantly, they need to be songs that you and your bestie can belt out like that time you took four tequila shots and then sang karaoke in Koreatown.  C'mon.  Don't pretend you've never done that before.  

Here's what was on our mixed tape (sorry, we're children of the 80's and it's always going to be a mixed tape to us):

Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass.  Love her moxie!

Chromeo - Jealous

MKTO - Classic

Fitz & The Tantrums - Out of my League

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory

The Box Tops - The Letter

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Beatles - Ticket To Ride

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way

So press play on this Road Trip Playlist and hit the road, Jack. Oh, and take it from someone who drove from MA to CA in 5 days...bring some BOX wipes...they will come in handy!!





Rock Kelly Kapowski's Style

Show me one person who wanted to be Jessie Spano over Kelly Kapowski and I'll show you a person who doesn't understand the subtle sex appeal of off the shoulder tops. 

Well, the 90's are back and better than ever.  Effortless and ultra - feminine,  the off the shoulder trend, we hope, is here for the long haul.  Here are some of our favorite looks:

L to R:  White Skater Dress,, $36.20, Carven Satin Crepe Dress,, $850, Issa Bandage Top, $345.

L to R: Off the Shoulder Bodysuit,, $26.68, Stone Cold Fox,, $365, Forever Unique Sweetheart Maxi Dress,, $211.50.

So go on, give em the cold shoulder!

Festival Essentials

Whether it's a day trip or several nights camping/sleeping in your car/sleeping ON your car/not sleeping at all, it's important to pack wisely for any music festival.  Here's what we bring: 

A flower crown: It's completely necessary, and you can DIY!

A cross body bag:  You need a hands free purse so you can dance freely and maniacally (don't worry, no one is judging unless your name is Leo) – and the cross body bag solves this great dilemma (only a small exaggeration). We like this one by Free People

Sunnies:  Since so many music festivals are in sunny places, eye protection is as crucial as skin protection.  We love the iconic Clubmaster from Ray Ban - it goes with everything and is very retro-cool. 

Lip Balm: Yes, we beat a dead horse when it comes to sun damage, but it'll pay off in 15 years when your kissers are as smooth and buttery as ever.  Choose a lip balm with SPF.  We are partial to FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15.  Comes in untinted and a whole host of sheer colors. Plus, if you manage to wrangle a kiss from a drummer (or are you more of a lead singer kinda gal?), you'll taste super yummy!

Hair Ties:  Pretty on the wrist as well as in your hair, these thin, glittery hair ties from Etsy are a no brainer....

Healthy Munchies:  Uh, 5 super grains and DARK CHOCOLATE?  Yes, please!  KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk granola bars is the perfect snack for in between sets.  

iPhone Case with Card Holder:  Do you really need that Pinkberry Loyalty Card at Coachella? Leave your wallet in the car or at home, and travel with cash, your ID, and a credit card.  Use this super chic Kate Spade iPhone case to keep it all together.  Just don't lose it, for goodness sake. 

iPhone charger:  You'll have better luck running into a unicorn than an outlet at a music festival so make sure you have a power booster for your phone.  Doesn't hurt that it's as cute as this one from  

Dry Shampoo:  Listen, if you want to not shower for 3 days, we're cool with that.  But just in case, please bring some of this Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo.

Hand Sanitizer:  This natural, non alcoholic hand sanitizer from Cleanwell doesn't burn hands, kills germs, and smells like thyme.  That's pretty much all we ask for!

First Aid Kit:  No need to go crazy, just DIY and stuff an Altoid's tin full of Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, Ibuprofen, and some Vitamin B-12 for an energy boost. 

Sunscreen:  Non-greasy, light, and fragrance free, La Roche Posay's line up of sunscreens is seemingly endless.  We like the how this one comes in a little compact with sponge. 

Towelettes!! You didn't really think we'd write this blog and not mention towelettes, did ya?  BOX products can be used to clean your face, your hands and your other places - especially because you KNOW that porta-potty is not going to have any toilet paper left!  And while you're at it, you might want to hand some to that sweaty guy who keeps bumping you - he may not appreciate it, but YOU definitely will! 

Now go forth, you gorgeous people, and dance the night away. 


The Foods You Need This Summer!

Ah summer.  Longer days, shorter nights, tanned skin, sun-kissed hair, bikinis and beaches, BBQs and bonfires.  S'mores, burgers, potato salad - ugh - a summer gut?  

No thank you.  Here are 8 foods that stand for summer but also for "svelte", "slim", and "shealthy" (Ok, we cheated.  Couldn't think of an "S" word that meant, well, healthy.)

1) Almonds:  In a new study, replacing one of your usual snacks for 1.5 ounces of almonds has been proven to lead to less ab fat and thinner waists. Not to mention the added benefits of adding fiber, Vitamin E, and good fats.  

2) Blueberries: packed full of antioxidents, a recent study showed that they help ward off muscle fatigue by mopping up the extra free radicals that muscles produce during exercise.  So toss a handful back after your quick dip in the ocean.

3) Watermelon: 92% water, eating watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated.  It is also a great snack to keep you feeling full in between meals without too many calories.  Eating foods that are naturally full of water helps you feel satiated, while interestingly, drinking water alongside a snack does not have the same effect.   

4) Tomatoes:  did you know that lycopene, the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red, may keep you from getting a sunburn?  not a substitute for sunscreen, of course, but participants of a recent study who were exposed to UV light had almost 50% less skin reddening after they ate 2 1/2 tablespoons of tomato paste.  We believe Bloody Mary's count....(but don't quote us on that!).

5) Iced Tea:  Freshly brewed ice tea is packed with antioxidants called flavonoids. Add a sprig of mint (which has one of the highest antioxidant capacity of any food), and some fresh lemons for Vitamin C, and if you must sweeten, replace white sugar with agave nectar.  

Here's to a healthy summer!




One of our favorite reasons for being in California is STRIPT Wax Bar.  Since our last blog on this waxing institution, they have added three new locations.  Now, in EIGHT locations across the Golden State in just five short years, the STRIPT growth story in a true testament to how amazing this place is. 

Always a sucker for all things pretty, all STRIPT locations are impeccably designed, clean, and perfect.  Offering waxing services, depilar, facials, brow/lash services, and the only safe way to tan (spray tan, of course!), at all their locations, make STRIPT part of your beauty routine.  

Oh, and of course, pick up a box of BOX while you're there!


BOX Naturals & Hello Flo

One of the worst things about being a woman is running out to the drugstore in the middle of the work day to pick up some emergency tampons.  Scratch that, the worst thing is coming BACK to the office with a box of tampons thinly veiled in a semi transparent Duane Reade plastic bag.  

Enter Hello Flo, a subscription service for our monthly visitor, known for their hilarious viral videos (here & here).  

BOX Naturals is part of the awesome team of female owned businesses that produce the goodies that make up Hello Flo's latest subscription box - the Postpartum Kit.  Filled with tools to help tackle the things that happen to you AFTER the baby arrives (and things that NO ONE ever tells you about - probably because it's so bad that it is immediately erased from memory).

Meet the women behind Hello Flo's post partum kit in this short, pithy, inspirational Q&A here (including yours truly, Founder of BOX Naturals).

Subscribe and save with GIFT BOX

Our subscriptions service, GIFT BOX, has officially launched and we are so excited! So many of you, our dearest customers, have asked us for this and it is finally here.

What does this mean for you?

  • You never have to worry about re-ordering BOX products ever again
  • You will enjoy free shipping if you sign up by August 1, 2014
  • You will be able to save up to 20% on our retail prices
  • You will be the first to know of upcoming product launches and big news
  • You will receive a birthday gift - because we like you that much :)
  • You will be able to participate in focus groups and have a voice in choosing our next scent and product

Cancel any time with an email to us - but we're sure you won't want to!  Oh, and it's only available in the US for right now - but this may change as we pursue world domination, one towelette at a time...

For more information, and to sign up, click here.




Simple & Eco

We recently connected with Aly Sanger, owner and founder of Simple & Eco.  Simple & Eco is an online shop that specializes in all natural and organic eco-friendly products for home, body, and baby care.  We love that BOX Naturals and Aly share the same philosophy, that is, if we don’t feel comfortable putting it on or near our bodies, we won't sell it!!! 

We also love Aly's strong sense of civic duty and participates in organizations that offer discounted or free cloth diapers and cloth pads to families that are unable to afford them.

Want to love her more?  We asked her, "What do you wish for the world?"  And she said, 

Happiness and Good Health, both for Earth and for those living on Earth. If we don’t start making a change soon, we’re not just sacrificing our health, we’re sacrificing the health of the planet!

Kinda hard to argue with that.

You can find 100% biodegradable BOX products on Simple & Eco.  We are proud to be part of her hand picked family.

A rose is a rose is a rose...


Drum roll everyone... We've changed our name! From now on, please call us "Coochie Wipey."

Ok, we're kidding.  We went in the other direction and are now BOX Naturals.  It just made more sense since we are expanding in a direction beyond the "intimate" and because, well, gosh darnit, too many of you said the word "intimate" was up there with "moist."

As always, we are dedicated to bringing you products that are all natural and free of synthetic fragrances.  That will never change.


Easy, Organic Beauty Masks for Summer

The weather this year has been wreaking havoc on our skin!  El Nino, Polar Vortex...we're kind of afraid of what this summer might bring!

Never fear, we came up with some tried and true, all natural,  low ingredient facial masks that will keep your face beautiful and shining...just the way nature intended it to be.

The Mint Soothie (aka Mojito):  In a blender, blend a handful of mint.  Add a pinch of tumeric powder and mix mix mix!  Apply to a clean face and rinse with cold water.  Will soothe irritated and overly sun-kissed skin.  


The Milk Toner:  Dip a cotton ball in organic milk and gently wipe down your face.  Leave on for ten minutes and wash off.  When done weekly, you should notice a natural glow (variation:  soak 1/2 cup of almonds in milk overnight.  Put in blender to create a paste and use as an exfoliant).  

Cucumber Margarita:  Ok, so this doesn't have tequila in it, but it WILL hydrate your skin, which tequila will NOT do!  Peel one cucumber and mash it in a bowl.   Mix 1 TBS of sugar and put in the fridge to cool.  Place on skin and take 10 minutes to relax as the mask naturally hydrates your skin.  Rinse with cold water. 

Sandalwood and Rosewater Masque: The benefits of both sandalwood and rosewater on the skin are incredible.  Use this mixture to soothe skin and to even out patchy tanned skin.   Make a paste from sandalwood powder and rosewater (both widely available online).  On clean skin, apply to face and leave overnight.   Magic!

We hope that these homemade face masks help our readers understand the limitless benefits of the natural world around us.  At BOX Intimates, every formula is as low ingredient as possible, and uses the best that nature has to offer.  

Happy Home Facial-ing!

The Top 10 Purse Must Haves + A Lil Bag Giveaway!

*** To enter the giveaway, enter your email address in the space provided when you click to comment. We will be contacting the winner Monday, June 16 by email – so don't forget! ***

Here's a scenario we're all too familiar with... Rummaging in our giant shoulder bag for our keys/subway card/hair tie/phone.  Isn't it Murphy's Law that you find everything else before you find what you're looking for?  

Enter the "Lil Bag".  It's our survival kit, and we should all have one inside our Big Bags. Here's a peek at what's in ours:

  1. Chapstick
  2. Lipgloss
  3. Box Intimates
  4. Cute hair ties
  5. Altoids/Gum
  6. A hair band for when we're working out
  7. Tissues
  8. Lil notebook to jot down our multimillion dollar ideas
  9. A reliable (and cute) pen
  10. Hand creme

We're giving away a "Lil Bag" to help keep you organized on your busiest of days! Including everything pictured about and a small notebook. To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling us what's in your Lil Bag. Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided when you comment, otherwise we won't be able to reach you, if you win.

Want to double your chances? Subscribe to our blog! You can do that at the top of this page, in the column on the left.

Good luck, everyone!

*** ETA: And the winner is... thatgalrebecca! Congrats to her and thank you to everyone who entered. We'll have another giveaway soon, so stay in touch. ***

Our Up in the Air Beauty Routine

One of our team members is constantly traveling. Cross country flights, long haul flights, you name it! Still, every time she's in the office, her skin is glowing (it's absolutely LUMINOUS). After a little prodding, she finally divulged her beauty secret - a top to bottom regimen she learned from renowned make up artist Lisa Eldridge.  

Lisa has an amazing tutorial that's perfect for long flights. Yes, you will get looks from your fellow passengers, but just think about what havoc that recycled cabin air is wreaking on your skin and it will be easier to ignore the sidelong glances and occasional pointed finger/giggles.  

Some of the ridiculous(ly transformative and amazing) things she recommends: 

  1. Slather hydrating cream on your hair
  2. Take off ALL make up
  3. Use a toner with essential oils
  4. Put a mask on (not the scary green kind, a clear one, preferably - see tutorial for all product recommendations)
  5. Hydrate back of hands
  6. Go to sleep with a lavender filled eye mask...snoooooze....

And depending on how long your flight is, repeat. There's one thing we'd add to that – Box Intimates wipes (of course). After sitting for hours and hours, doesn't every part of your body need a little freshening up?

This routine definitely works, but even doing part of it is better than not doing a thing. Try it, and instead of arriving feeling like you need a nap and a shower, you'll be ready to hit the town. 

Five Uses for BOX Naturals...

Not just a pretty face...

Not just a pretty face...

Did you know that there are SO many more ways to use BOX Naturals towelettes? Here are 5 ways you probably never even thought of :

  1. Freshen up on hot days - put some towelettes in the fridge to or beach cooler and use on your face to cool down
  2. Forget your make up remover?  BOX Natural's formulation is safe for your face, and effective, too.
  3. Take a deep breath - Lavender calms frazzled nerves.  Aromatherapy really works!
  4. Flyaways begone.  Wipe down your hair and use BOX Intimates as a temporary flyaway hair tamer...
  5. Use to clean the makeup off your smart phone... or some lipstick off your shirt.

Who knew?  Well now, you do!

Want Beauty? You Got Beauty!

There's an inspirational story behind each and every one of our retail partnerships.  Today, we want to talk to you about Tammy Taylor and her business, "Got Beauty."

Got Beauty is more than a beauty store.  Not only was it voted one of the 25 Best Beauty Stores in the country,  Got Beauty also offers full salon services!  What really boggled our minds is that Tammy started her business as a single mother with a 1 year old!  Hard work + passion + vision = your dreams.  

What we love about Got Beauty is that it truly is a one stop shop.  It carries all of the major beauty brands, but Tammy takes special care to seek out smaller brands as well (like BOX Intimates!).  We love her dedication to quality, not to mention super fun products that we've never seen elsewhere.

Got Beauty's Flagship Store in Salt Lake City, UT.

Got Beauty's Flagship Store in Salt Lake City, UT.

One last thing we love and admire - Tammy donates  a portion of profits to local causes that support women and children including Peace House and The Boys and Girls Club of greater Salt Lake.  

Check out Got Beauty's online store, beauty blog, and facebook page.   Thanks for supporting BOX Intimates, Got Beauty!


BOX Intimates

Get Your Beach Bag Ready

Madewell Carryall Tote

Madewell Carryall Tote

Memorial Day is almost here, and that means one thing and one thing only:  SUMMER!  Get a jump start and start packing your beach bag now.  

Protect Your Assets: 
A Wide Brim Hat:  We're just going to say it:  We are sick of fedoras! Plus, they really don't offer much in the skin protection department anyway! Love the glamour of this Melissa Odabash hat.

Organic Sunblock:  Coola's organic, antioxidant enriched, paraben-free facial sunblock is the best organic sunblock we've tried. 

Melissa Odabash Sun Hat,  Coola Organic Sunscreen.

Gear and Stuff:
The Perfect Towel:  Thin, pretty, and colorful.  No, we're not talking about you, little darlings, we're talking about these amazing fouta's because there is NOTHING worse than a too small towel at the beach!

The Modern Day Boom Box: How cute is this?! Retro with modern functionality.  Little speakers that conceal your iPhone keeps them protected from the surf and sand.  

Water Bottle:  Ok, so a water bottle might not seem all that interesting to you, but we LOVE this distressed gold water bottle by SIGG.  And the more banged up it gets, the better it looks...

Serena & Lilly Fouta,   SunnyLife Portable Beach Speakers,  SIGG Water Bottle in Distressed Gold.

Beachy Hair Spray:  This spray from The Gnarly Whale (I know, have to buy it just for the name) is all natural and vegan. And makes your hair smell like a $30 Pina Colada.

Cover up: Can't beat white on tan.  Romantic, gauzy, comfy.  Perfect way to lounge around.

(Beach Waves Hair SprayOndadeMar White Cotton Gauze Poncho Swim Cover Up)

After the Sun Goes Down:
Luxe Oil:  Bobbi Brown's Beach Body Oil reminds us of the ocean even when we're back home.  Obviously, don't use during sun's peak hours, but lather on after the sun has gone down to really show off your tan!

A Cozy Sweatshirt:  There is nothing comfier than a cute sweatshirt and cut off jeans to wear to a beach bonfire party. 

Wipes Wipes Wipes:  Didn't think we would forget about wipes on our blog, did ya?  In addition to tossing some BOX Intimate Wipes in your bag (gotta get rid of the salt, sand, other pesky things that prevent you from feeling your freshest), consider these self tanning wipes to accentuate your glow. 

(Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil, Wildfox Sweatshirt, Box Intimate Wipes)

Happy Summer!

The Box Intimates Team